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Art Industry (asisi Berlin)

We have been providing the Berlin-based company asisi with a very high detailed model of the wreck of TITANIC for their 360° panoramic image.

Asisi Panometer Leipzig “TITANIC”

What was this project about? “TITANIC – THE PROMISE OF MODERNITY ; With his TITANIC panorama project, Yadegar Asisi focuses not on the maritime disaster in 1912 itself, but rather takes as his central theme the sinking of the luxury liner as a model example for the arrogance of man, who since time immemorial has ignored the laws of creation and placed himself and his creative efforts above them. The state-of-the-art technical achievements of the Titanic in competition with the forces of nature stand for this hubris of mankind. On the night of 14th April 1912, the Titanic collided with an iceberg southeast of  Newfoundland, while on her maiden voyage and sank over two-and-a-half hours later in the North Atlantic. Although more than two hours were available for the evacuation, some

TITANIC Panorama @asisi

1,500 of the over 2,200 people on board died. The insufficient number of lifeboats and the inexperienced crew, in particular, are blamed for this enormous maritime disaster. Here the viewpoint of the observer is set some 3,800 meters below the surface of the water at the level of the shipwreck. An artificial lighting scenario allows the visitor to discover the tragic magnitude of this disaster in a

Asisi Panometer Leipzig “TITANIC”

panorama – not in fragments. Recognizable are both the wreck itself, broken into two pieces, and the vast amount of furniture, furnishings, technical equipment and pieces of luggage surrounding it. With

this panorama, Asisi has created a fascination for the superb feat of engineering of the British luxury

liner, which also broaches the age-old issue of the mastery of nature. At the same time, with his presentation of the broken wreck in the

depths of the Atlantic, Asisi draws attention to the finite nature of human existence and actions. Thousands of tons of steel are corroding on the ocean bed and the once luxuriant furnishings and the high-tech equipment of the 40,000 ton liner resemble an expanse of rubble that is gradually being reclaimed by nature.TITANIC was on display in Leipzig in 2017 for the first time and after that, it has been brought to Rouen. ” –