Automotive Industry

Imaginarium has been producing automotive prototypes for many major auto manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

World over, Rapid prototyping is a proven technology used by automotive engineers and designers to produce high fidelity physical prototypes for design verification and testing.

Companies are exploiting the power of RP to:

  • Rapidly test new design concepts in iterative process, keeping costs low
  • Mitigate fear of failure in Product Development – produce designs right the first time
  • Validate form, fit and function before investing in expensive tooling

With the RP systems set up at Imaginarium, Automotive industry can benefit as below:

  • SLA & SLS models for form, fit & function testing
  • Low volume manufacturing using Vacuum Casting
  • Quickcast patterns for Investment Casting
  • CastForm patterns for Investment and Lost Foam Casting
  • Our in-house paint booth and finishing departments help provide the complete solution

Your valuable ideas are secure with us; we create and provide solutions in confidentiality.

If you have a unique requirement, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly look at the possible options for production of your part(s).